Cats and Hairballs

Pet Lodge USA - Angry CatIngestion of large amounts of hair from self-grooming can cause complications with digestion.

This creates hairballs.

Most hair swallowed is usually expelled in the stool. Problems develop when the hair does not pass through the system. A hairball forms in the stomach and that means the cat will likely vomit it up after coughing and choking.

The worse scenario is when hairballs block the intestinal tract. If this happens, it cannot be vomited or excreted through the other end of the system.

Here is what to watch for that may indicate signs of a major hairball intestinal blockage:


Vomiting of food not fully digested

Unable to defecate

Dry retching

Swollen abdomen

Visit your veterinarian immediately if you see your cat experiencing these symptoms.

A way to minimize hairball problems is to brush your cat on a regular basis to remove loose hair.

Cat Breeds

Pet Lodge USA - Cool Cat(Length of coat in parentheses)

Abyssinian (short)

Aegean (semi-long)

American Bobtail (short/long)

American Curl (short/long)

American Polydactyl (short/long)

American Ringtail (short/medium)

American Shorthair (short)

American Wirehair (Rex)

Asian Semi-longhair (semi-long)

Austrialian Mist (short)

Balinese (long)

Bengal (short)

Birman (long)

Bombay (short)

Brazilian Shorthair (short)

British Shorthair (short)

Burmese (short)

Burmilla (short/long)

California Spangled (short)

Chantilly/Tiffany (semi-long)

Chartreux (short)

Chausie (short)

Cheetoh (short)

Colorprint Shorthair (short)

Cornish Rex (Rex)

Cymric (medium/long)

Devon Rex (Rex)

Donskoy (or Don Sphynx) (hairless)

Dragon Li (short)

Egyptian Mau (short)

Euro Burmese (short)

European Shorthair (short)

Exotic Shorthair (short)

German Rex (Rex)

Havana Brown (short)

Highlander (short/long)

Himalayan (long)

Japanese Bobtail (short/long)

Javanese (long)

Korat (short)

Kurilian Bobtail (short/long)

LaPerm (Rex)

Maine Coon (long)

Manx (short/long)

Munchkin (short/long)

Nebelung (semi-long)

Norwegian Forest (long)

Ocicat (short)

Ojos Azules (short/long)

Oregon Rex (Rex)

Oriental Bicolour (short/long)

Oriental Longhair (semi-long)

Oriental Shorthair (short)

Persian (long)

Peterbald (hairless)

Pixie-Bob (short)

RagaMuffin (long)

Ragdoll (long)

Russian Blue (short)

Russian White, Black & Tabby (short)

Savannah (short)

Scottish Fold (short/long)

Selkirk Rex (short/long)

Serengeti (short)

Siamese (short)

Siberian (semi-long)

Singapura (short)

Snowshoe (short)

Sokoke (short)

Somali (long)

Sphynx (hairless)

Sumxu (hairless)

Thai (old-style Siamese) (short)

Tonkinese (short)

Toyger (short)

Turkish Angora (semi-long)

Turkish Van (semi-long)

Turkish Vankedisi (semi-long)

Ukrainian Levkoy (hairless)

Ural Rex (short/medium)

Ussuri (short)

York Chocolate (long)