Walking Your Dog In The Heat

Remember that the surface the paws are walking on may be quite a bit hotter than cooler times of the year. Though it may not be felt through your shoes or sandals, there is direct contact between the ground surface and the dog's paws. Not all outdoor surfaces are uncomfortably hot for dogs, but you must take the lead and understand that they cannot verbally tell you that.

Please keep in mind that a dog's fur acts as a sun block. This helps to keep the skin healthy. Shaving a dog that is accustomed to a thicker coat may throw off the body temperature regulators and thought process ones, too. If your dog does not take much needed breaks from activity while in the sun (as usually done in the past), your dog can overdo it and risk heat-related illness! It has been said that fur insulates the dog from heat just as it protects from the cold. Do your research about giving your dog a shorter hair cut before doing so! With just a little exposure to direct sunlight, a dog's skin can burn quickly and badly.

Have walks with your dog be healthy and fun! By doing so, you will both enjoy the companionship and the exercise.