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Pet Lodge USA - Pointing DogWelcome to Pet Lodge USA! If you are interested in opening a pet lodge, you came to the right place, because Pet Lodge USA offers franchises in pet lodging that are a clear alternative to traditional boarding, and also to many new types!

Pet Lodge USA is Green-Technology driven, and prefers to go into existing buildings. There are many empty buildings out there and we want to be a good community neighbor by filling and giving new life to a structure that is already there instead of building a new one, if at all possible. We will build a new facility if a building is not available that meets our criteria (or can't be adapted to it).

The franchise method has been proven to be a highly successful way of owning and building a small business.

Here is the Pet Lodge USA philosophy:

Every pet is unique and special. Additionally, each should have excellent accommodations, security, privacy, and individual attention. We believe dogs should be in a calm atmosphere and not spend most or all of each and every single day physically surrounded by other dogs standing on concrete witnessing or smelling where other dogs relieve or previously relieved themselves, or occasionally going outside with other dogs on pee gravel which can be uncomfortable on their paws, and unsanitary. Dogs in play groups at PetLodgeUSA are on comfortable turf and together periodically within the day, and only if authorized by the respective pet parent. Some pet parents do not wish to have their dog in playgroups, and therefore it should not be mandatory to do so. We do as the pet parent instructs us!

Dogs at Pet Lodge USA will be lodged in climate-controlled private villas which have an LCD or LED TV, with optional skylights, equipped with a drain for sanitation! Dogs do not face each other or lay on cold concrete in an enclosure that has no drain. An enclosure that has no drain is probably being mopped. That may spell trouble. Ever wonder how they mop under the parts of the enclosure that just sits on the concrete floor and is too heavy or cumbersome to move each and every time the enclosure needs to be cleaned? How do they remove the liquid waste and solid waste out of there and clean and sanitize not only the floor but the bottom of the heavy frame? Ask the next place you go to that has this set-up to physically show you these areas and how they clean and sanitize them. Also, is it possible they are using the same mop that is sopping up pee or poo in another or many other enclosures? You don't have to think about that with Pet Lodge USA because we have the highest standards! PetLodgeUSA is properly designed for cleanliness and sanitation!

Cats at Pet Lodge USA will be lodged in multi-chambered condos. They aren't cages like many places have. No bars, either. A nice clear view to see tv or to relax listening to nature sounds or soft music. A cat likes to romp and climb sometimes and that's where the "Catio" comes in, the name of this separate room we came up with in 2002, a room like no other where a cat can exercise and have fun doing it!

We love all pets but we can't accept people-aggressive dogs! We interact with our guests and will not risk injury or worse to anyone at Pet Lodge USA.

Our pet lodges and pet resorts are pet-friendly and pet-owner-wallet-friendly. From large dog villas to roomy multi-chambered cat condos, it is clear that we want pets to have a good time at Pet Lodge USA and at the same time save pet parents some money!

Franchisees have many options to select from. Along with lodging dogs and/or cats, you can also choose to lodge birds, turtles, ferrets, bunnies, hedgehogs, guinea pigs, and other domestic pets. Along with retail items, you also have choices of services you may wish to provide, whether on the day you open or at a later date, to include:

  • Grooming
  • Training
  • Pet Taxi
  • Indoor Pool
  • Outdoor Pool
  • Dog Agility
  • Indoor Track
  • Outdoor Track
  • Pet Photography Studio
  • Public Pet Wash
  • Internet Pet Monitoring
  • Leash Walks

As a Pet Lodge USA franchisee, you will be thoroughly trained. Have no doubt that you will be educated, skilled, and confident of your abilities!

You will receive a Pet Lodge USA Equipment List that will show everything you need before opening for business!

You will be supplied and understand the Pet Lodge USA Forms so administrative items are done smoothly!

You will be provided Pet Lodge USA Reservation Software!

You will receive a Pet Lodge USA Operations Manual for reference!

Pet Lodge USA will assist you in site selection, zoning, building modifications, site preparations, contractors, and advertising. You can also count on us being there to help you along. You won't be alone.

Pet Lodge USA is at the forefront of research & development, continuously determined to find ways to make things even better!

Pet Lodge USA has a lower franchise and royalty fee to save YOU money!

This is about you becoming a pillar in your community by offering services owners will love to have for their pets, an important part of their families! We take our responsibilities seriously when caring for a family member, and are honored that we would be entrusted to do so!

Pet Lodge USA offers affordable lodging, with the most value of any chain for the services we provide.

We want pets to have a good time! We want pet parents to save money!

There are many other things that differentiate Pet Lodge USA from others. Come aboard and you will see that you are on the right track to making pets and pet owners happy that you are there for them.

If you genuinely love pets and are considering opening a pet boarding business, thank you for considering Pet Lodge USA!

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