Franchise Questions

Question Answer
What is the franchise fee?
What is the royalty fee?
What does a PetLodgeUSA franchisee receive?
Training, Operations Manual, equipment list, software, forms, technical support, assistance with site selection, zoning, building modifications, site preparation, contractors, advertising, website, and more. When you open your doors, you are ready!
What is my initial investment?
This depends on the number of dog villas, cat condos, facility preparation, and the corresponding item list that covers things needed to open based on that dog villa/cat condo quantity.
What are the dog villas like?
Your choice of options include traditional masonry dog suites or the new PetLodgeUSA dog villa, which is shipped to your location by component and assembed on-site. Each villa can be assembled in about an hour. Available in a variety of sizes with standard colors or made to order in any color, pattern, or design you desire, the PetLodgeUSA Dog Villa conveys your individual creativity. Each villa is designed so that more light is inside it. Also, each villa will have its own TV. The customer can designate which channel(s) to have on and when, if they so choose. The villas do not face each other, offering more privacy, more comfort, and more security for each lodged pet.
What are the cat condos like?
You have options to choose from in many ways, including color and pattern. These multi-chambered condos give each cat the type of space they love, with separate areas for eating, sleeping, playing, and when nature calls.
How can I keep my initial cost down?
Your initial cost is kept down compared to others because of the research and development done by PetLodgeUSA that is continuous.  The goal is to have you open your doors with lower cash outlay.
Do all locations have to look the same?
Absolutely not! Your franchise location can be fashioned by you! We guide you on making sure the fundamental needs are being met, so let your imagination flow!
How do I qualify for a PetLodgeUSA franchise?
We will provide you with a confidential Packet which will ask you questions and allow us to determine how this can best be achieved. Your love of pets is #1 with us. We will do our utmost not to give a franchise to anyone who is only doing it for monetary reasons. We lodge members of families and take that responsibility very seriously. When pet parents honor us with their trust in our people and our concept, we take that to heart. Pets are wonderful! We don't herd them like cattle at PetLodgeUSA! We give each guest special attention! We are their guardians when their family is away!
What are the hours we are open daily?
You can set your hours based on your area and clientele. For instance, you may want to be open earlier to accommodate daycare customers. Generally speaking, however, we suggest 8am until noon, then 3pm until 7pm Monday through Saturday, with 3-7pm or 4-7pm hours on Sunday.
What are the check-in and check-out times?
Similar to a people hotel, check in time is in the afternoon (ie: 3-7pm), and check-out time is noon except Sunday (ie: 4-7pm). However, pet parents may use the morning hours to check-in and afternoon hours to check-out for overnight and extended lodgings, but there will be an added charge for this convenience because we have to hold that villa or condo and cannot offer it to another lodger. The hours above are examples and vary by location. The pet parent should contact the location he/she wishes to lodge at to verify lobby hours.
Who sets the prices I would charge?
We will assist you in your pricing structure by giving our input, but the final decision is yours solely.
What is your philosophy on franchisees?
We want you to own your own business, be successful, and be a pillar in your community offering services that are entirely pet-friendly. We want pet parents to be able to bring their pet to a state-of-the-art facility knowing their pet is safe, comfortable, and given a lot of attention. We realize that franchisees are not the actual pet parents, but are great guardians for them! We look at pets as independent individuals like their human counterparts and, as such, they will be given comfort, love, privacy, and respect.
How long does it take before I can open?
With the PetLodgeUSA Dog Villa you will save considerable time and money! You could be ready to open within weeks!
Where will I be trained?
You will be trained at Pet Lodge USA Headquarters and/or at your or another location. We will ensure that you are ready in all aspects. You will be confident in your knowledge when you open. Also, a representative of PetLodgeUSA will be there with you when you open for business.
What are my chances for success?
Your chances are probably better than average for a variety of reasons. First, PetLodgeUSA has a proven concept that pets and pet parents love. Second, a franchised business generally has a greater chance of success than a non-franchised one because you are part of an established network. Third, there is immediate recognition of being a franchise, which gives you greater credibility. Fourth, customers know that you adhere to policies and procedures that have been in place for years and are updated from time to time to continually better suit pet and pet owner needs.
How did PetLodgeUSA begin?
In 2002, it was determined that pets needed an alternative to traditional kennels. They should be in a comfortable and fun setting that offers them entertainment, one-on-one attention, and exercise for those who physically can and are allowed by their pet parent to do so. Some older dogs prefer to relax in their own private villas and not be around other dogs. So, together with my son Rick, we developed the concept and opened in Howland Township, Ohio, just outside of Warren. For months after opening we would hear people saying "Wow, we need one of these places where I live!" We felt the only way that could be possible was to offer franchises to true pet lovers so that they could have their own business they would be proud of and offer their area a great place to lodge pets. You know the world has changed and families are not as large as they used to be. Also, people are more mobile. The need is there for a place pet owners can go to without feeling guilty about leaving their pet. They know their pet is going to be well-cared for at PetLodgeUSA! In 2006 the next location opened, three times larger than the original one. In 2008, three more opened. In 2010, the three that opened in 2008 expanded! That's saying something, because the worst recession since The Great Depression happened right after they opened! Yet they not only endured, but grew to help meet the demands of their respective communities. I view this as a tribute to their efforts and the PetLodgeUSA concept.
What is the PetLodgeUSA concept?
We are very much different from traditional dog boarding, and, frankly, many modern places that seem to have more flair than substance. We have spacious accommodations with tvs, music, and privacy. We feed and administer medications according to owners' instructions. We take dogs out personally several times a day. Why do we "go to all that trouble?" We don't look at it that way. We want pets to have a good time, get a lot of lovin', and exercise. Exercise is not mandatory, has no additional charge, and is per customer instruction. In other words, we are an extension of their home schedule and we accommodate for play times, potty times, and feeding without any added charge. Nor should there be. People don't like getting nickel and dimed for every service provided. We are all-inclusive!
What do owners bring with their pets?
Food, toys, medications, and vaccination record (Rabies, Distemper, Bordatella, and negative fecal for dogs; Rabies and Distemper for cats). Bedding may be provided and customers should contact their selected PetLodgeUSA lodging location on that item, as franchisees have the option of whether to provide bedding or have pet parents bring it in with them (or offer both). Generally speaking, if pet parents bring bedding, it must be machine washable. We cannot accept bedding unless it can be properly cleaned.
Where do you put all the things pet parents bring for their pets?
Each dog villa and cat condo has a corresponding locker. All items brought in must be secured and private at all times, separate from other pets' belongings.

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