What Makes Us Different

There is no additional charge for administering medications, playtime, insurance, television, treats, or bedding! There are no hidden charges!

At Pet Lodge USA each pet is fed according to instructions given to us by the pet owner! They are not fed by how a pet boarding facility decides!

Pet Lodge USA does not require pet owners to pre-measure food and put it in separate bags or containers! We have measuring cups and spoons, know how to use them, and don't charge extra for the "effort" it takes!

At Pet Lodge USA food is brought by the pet parent. If this cannot be done for any reason, we will purchase it and be reimbursed at Check-Out per the Lodging Contract. Pets are not fed food as designated by a pet boarding facility, because their diet must remain constant. A different food going through their digestive system can cause vomiting and/or diarrhea. Also, if the "new" food is not liked, little may be eaten which could lead to lack of nourishment. If it is liked, when they return home they could go through the same thing changing back to the food they were eating before!

At Pet Lodge USA medications are administered according to veterinary instructions! They are not administered at the convenience of a schedule dictated by a pet boarding facility!

At Pet Lodge USA playtime is decided how (individual or playgroup) by the pet owner!

Each dog villa and cat condo has its own locker! Pet owners bring the food their pet is used to, not charged to use food that is mandated by a pet boarding facility!

Dogs cannot see each other from their individual villas! They don't face each other and risk aggression or fear!

Dog villas have drains! There is no bare concrete where a mop is used! That is gross!

Dogs are taken out individually and have the whole yard to themselves, several times a day! They do not go out 2-3 times a day or through a divider!

Rooms where pets are lodged are strictly climate-controlled for their comfort! There is no temperature range of several degrees!

At PetLodgeUSA, yards have either natural turf, artificial turf, or playground turf. There is no uncomfortable pee gravel or rocks to walk on!

At Pet Lodge USA, dogs have comfortable and spacious villas or suites! They do not stand around most of the day with other dogs on concrete in a specified confined area, and then put in their individual sleeping areas at the end of a several hour period not to be seen again until the next morning.....

At Pet Lodge USA, cats have comfortable, spacious, multi-chambered condos with a clear view! They are not in small cages having to gaze through webbing every time they want to look around!

At Pet Lodge USA, cats can see/listen to tv or listen to music/nature sounds in a completely separate area of the building. They don't hear dogs bark nearby!

At Pet Lodge USA you can be assured of getting the best value of any national chain for the services and accommodations we provide! Pet owners now know that there is a clear alternative to kennels and high-priced boarding facilities! A place where you don't have to spend a fortune to have your pet lodged! We don't show we are the best by having high prices! Quite the contrary-we show much more value with more competitive prices!

At Pet Lodge USA pets get one-on-one attention and dogs are always monitored in play groups! They are not put in groups and left alone, whether inside or outside!

At Pet Lodge USA we have the "catio" for cats, a separate room to play in (if authorized by the pet owner), at no additional charge! We have called the cat play room "catio" since 2002. They are not kept in cages! They are not isolated in a small space with nothing to do or watch or listen to!

At Pet Lodge USA we give a dog a bath in a separate, private tubroom! Dogs are not bathed in the same room where other dogs are lodged or playing!