What Makes Us Different?

  • You won't pay extra for giving medicine, playtime, insurance, TV, treats, or a comfy bed! Plus, no hidden fees!
  • We feed each pet based on the owner's instructions, not our own decisions.
  • You don't need to pre-measure food in separate bags. We have measuring tools and use them without any extra charge.
  • You can bring your pet's food. If you can't, we'll buy it and you'll reimburse us at check-out.
  • Pet owners bring the food that their pet is used to, not charged to use food that is mandated by a pet boarding facility!
  • Pets keep their diet consistent. Changing food can make them sick or not eat enough.
  • We give meds as the vet says, not just when it's convenient for us.
  • Playtime is decided how (individual or playgroup) by the pet owner!
  • Each dog villa and cat condo has its own locker!
  • Dogs in their own villas can't see each other. This prevents aggression or fear from facing other dogs.
  • Dog villas have drains to keep things clean, and we don't mop on bare concrete, which is gross!
  • Dogs have the whole yard to themselves, taken out individually several times a day. No dividers or limited outings!
  • Dogs receive baths in a separate, private tub room. They're not bathed in the same area where other dogs are lodged or playing.
  • Pet rooms are climate-controlled for comfort, with no fluctuating temperatures.
  • Our yards have natural, artificial, or playground turf, so there's no uncomfortable gravel or rocks to walk on!
  • Dogs have comfortable and spacious accommodations, not spending most of their day standing on concrete in a small area with other dogs. They're not isolated for several hours either.
  • Cats have comfortable, spacious condos with multiple chambers and a clear view, not cramped cages with obstructed views.
  • Cats can see/listen to TV or listen to music/nature sounds in a separate area of the building. They don't hear dogs barking nearby.
  • We offer a "catio" for cats, a separate playroom (with owner's authorization) at no additional charge! This feature has been available since 2002.
  • Cats aren't kept in cages or isolated in small spaces with nothing to do or see.
  • Pets at Pet Lodge USA receive one-on-one attention, and dogs are continuously supervised during play groups. They're never left alone in groups, whether indoors or outdoors.
  • We don't prove we're the best by charging high prices. Instead, we offer greater value with competitive prices!
  • You can be assured of getting the best value among national chains for the services and accommodations we provide!
  • Pet owners now have a clear alternative to expensive kennels and boarding facilities. You don't have to spend a fortune to lodge your pet!

Pet Lodge USA Headquarters
23370 Mercantile Rd.
Beachwood, Ohio 44122
PH:(216) 342-4652
F: (216) 342-5164

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