Turtle Care

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Most turtles can live up to 40 years old.

To avoid contamination, always wash your hands after handling your turtle.

Don't let little children or other house pets have access to your turtle or his habitat.

A turtle's tank capacity must be at least 40 gallons.

There must be adequate space for a land area and a water area.

Make a shelter for your turtle by using stones or wood.

There should be a dry area where the turtle can bask in the "sun" under a sun lamp.

Although the ideal temperature of a turtle's habitat is contingent upon his breed, the tank should be around 80 degrees F in the daytime and 70 degrees F at night.

Remember that it is not a good practice to remove the turtle from his habitat to show to someone or to play. The immune system of reptiles can be affected by sudden temperature shifts.

Keep in a room where the lighting is constant.

Turtles need 12 hours of sunlight, generally. Using an appropriate UV lamp will help your turtle with his requirement of Vitamin D3 to stay healthy.

Always keep your turtle's habitat clean and keep fresh water in it! NOT TAP WATER! Use natural spring water for drinking water and non-chlorinated water for your turtle to swim in.

If you use vegetation in the habitat, make sure it is non-poisonous to turtles, because they make try to eat them.

DO NOT USE wood chips or tree bark in the habitat. If ingested, this can cause problems.

Turtles are cold-blooded animals and it takes a longer period of time for them to adjust to any temperature changes.